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How to Develop by Learning Notes?

The alphabet of music is notes. A person who plays an instrument without learning the notes has more difficulty than someone who knows the notes. Before you start reading a book, you need to learn to read, and to be able to read, you need to learn the alphabet. Music and notation knowledge is open to development and it is possible to learn with this effort. After the note information is completed, the instrument can be played. Notes have both names and symbols. These; Do (C), Re (D), Mi (E), Fa (F), Sol (G), La (A), Si (B). These notes are the main notes and do not change anywhere in the world. This is one of the proofs that music is universal in the world. The place where the notes are placed is called the porte. Each note has a fixed place on the stave. Although there are 7 notes in music, the number of voices is quite high when the vocal range is taken into account.

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